About us

We are a non-governmental organization, operating in Kampong Cham province, Cambodia.
We provide free-of-charge education to the children of Chiro Village.
We teach English, dance, music and Khmer classes. We are working on complementing this with other community projects so the students have a safe learning environment in school as well as at home.

This becomes possible by providing better living conditions (water project, toilet construction, etc.) and complimentary sources of income (home stays, handicrafts, etc.) for the families.

To know more about us contact us at obt.cambodia@gmail.com


I volunteered at this organisation for 3 months, and it was the greatest experience of my life. Sophal, the founder of OBT truly has a committment to childrens’ education and helping his community to raise itself out of poverty. I could have stayed for much longer, had I not had to come back for university. This is place I return to many times, and involve myself with. If you are interested in staying at Chiro, either as a guest or volunteer, do not hesitate. You will be immersed into a beautiful, strong and hopeful community.